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Recently featured on the BBC, and in the Christian Science Monitor, Kina Zoré is one of the hottest Afro-pop bands in Boston. Founded by Helder Tsinine, of Mozambique, the group delivers powerful African dance grooves at every show. This collective of Berklee (and NEC) graduates is also focused on social issues, preaching the importance of compassion, and action on behalf of those suffering from poverty, homelessness, and AIDS. Despite tackling such serious topics, Tsinine's music has an undeniably positive tone to it, proving that music made to move the world forward can still move people on the dance floor.

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“Tsinine’s talent as a songwriter, mixed with his fellow band members’ outstanding musicianship, make for an award-winning mix.” -Anthony Stokes, director of the Peacedriven Campaign   "Tsinine’s upbeat music possesses an ulterior motive—a self-proclaimed 'consciousness-raising' that lifts it past generic Afro-pop to music with a message." -Harvard Crimson  

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